Eye Health Care

eye-doctor-amarillo-tx-coulter-drive-opticalDon’t put your eyes at risk – get the care you need

Make sure your eye problem doesn’t get worse – let us diagnose the issue and treat it quickly and effectively. Call us today or make your appointment by clicking on the button below.

Keep your eyes healthy with our complete eye care services

Are your eyes burning, itching, tearing, or aching? If you’re having a problem with your eyes, don’t wait for it to get worse – if left untreated, some eye ailments can have a permanent effect on your eyesight. Come see us immediately and get the help you need. We’ll diagnose your eye issue and treat it quickly and effectively so you can get back to your normal routine.

Our eye care services include:

  • Digital imaging of the retina without dilation drop (Optomap)
  • Airless eye pressure measurements
  • Glaucoma diagnosis and management
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye infections
  • Therapeutic optometry
  • Refractive and cataract surgery consultations
    …and much more.


Dry Eye Treatments