AMD Risk Assessment

  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Risk and Symptom Assessment

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  • AMD is the leading cause of vision loss among older Americans. It is a progressive condition that causes a part of your retina called the macula to deteriorate with age. The macula is responsible for your central vision, which allows you to do things like read, watch TV, recognize faces and drive.

  • Risk Factors

  • Since poor night vision is a common symptom of AMD, we us the AdaptDx® to measure the number of minutes it takes you to adjust from the bright light to darkness. This number is your Rod Intercept™ (RI™) and it can help us detect AMD at its earliest stage. The AdaptDx test is noninvasive and takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

  • Early Symptoms of AMD

  • Insurance and Billing

    Medicare and/or medical insurance does not pay for everything, even some care that you or your health care provider feel is necessary.

    If your have a medical diagnosis from a visual problem after your test is complete, we will bill it to your medical insurance in hope they will participate in the cost.

    If we do not find a visual problem after the test is complete it will be an out of pocket cost of $35.00

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